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Monday, August 1, 2011

What Body Type Are You?

Have you ever heard things like, "Oh, I'm a pear" and been confused? Well, I found this website that explains it all:

Banana Body Description:
- Generally has an athletic body with toned arms
- Rectangular shaped body
- Waist is less than 9 inches smaller than hip or bust measurements
- Upper body is proportionate to lower body
- Smaller bust size
- Not much curve to waist
- Usually has great legs

Apple Body Description:
- Inverted triangular shaped body
- The bust measurement is larger than the hip measurement
- Large chest and bust for frame
- Carries most weight around midsection
- Usually has slim legs, hips, and bottom

Pear Body Description:
- Triangular shaped body
- Hip measurement is larger than bust
- Wide hips and bottom
- Carries most weight on hips, thighs, and bottom
- Usually has slender neck and shoulders
- Often has flat stomach

Hour Glass Body Description:
- Classic hourglass shape
- The bust measurement is roughly the same as the hip measurement
- Waist is about 10 inches smaller than bust and hips
- Body looks proportionately curvy.

What do you think about all this? I'm not sure how much I like being categorized... I think I'm a pear if I had to choose. I tend to lean towards the idea that we are all unique in our own bodies and can't be categorized, but some people swear by this method and adopt certain diet and exercise plans accordingly. If you had to choose, what fruit do you think you would be?


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