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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Detoxifying Benefits of Cayenne

Anyone who knows me knows that I am completely obsessed with all things spicy. If it's not dessert, then it's got to be spicy in my book. Well, let me share with you the wonderful benefits of cayenne pepper, one of my favorite ways to spice up pretty much any dish.

It is said that cayenne pepper:
- Is able to stop heart attacks
- Nourishes the heart with vital nutrients
- Removes plaque from the arteries
- Heals stomach ulcers
- Rebuilds stomach tissue
- Alleviates disease
- Improves circulation
- Rebuilds blood cells
- Lowers cholesterol
- Removes toxins from the bloodstream
- Improves heart health
- Equalizes blood pressure
- Heals the gall bladder
- Eliminates waste through urine and built-up fecal matter in intestines
- Has scientifically proven anti-fungal properties
- Alleviates allergies and muscle cramps
- Helps aid in wound healing

Impressive, right? Maybe you're not a spicy food fanatic like me, but just a little sprinkle in a pasta dish or quinoa recipe won't spice up your food too much and you can think about all the wonderful things your cayenne is doing for you!

If you want more information about cayenne pepper, check out this cleverly named website:

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