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Friday, October 21, 2011

Sweat It Out With Your Furry Friend

Confession: there are days (especially when it's cold and foggy) when I'm just dragging and don't feel like working out. It's days like these that my puggle Zoey reminds me that working out should be fun. Zoey's energy is so contagious, it makes me look forward to our time together at the park. She gets so excited right before we leave and practically skips down the sidewalk all the way to the park. If only I felt that way every time I was about to work out! Here are some reasons why you should get active with your furry friend.

It's Fun
Dogs love to run and play, so it's no surprise I always enjoy my time out with Zoey. On the days when I'm not in the mood to work out, knowing how happy it will make Zoey and how fun it always turns out to be gets me out of the house no matter how tired I am.

You Can't Make Excuses
When Zoey is itching to get outside, it's impossible to say no to that adorable puggle face. There is no end to the whining until we go outside and run around a bit, so rarely a day goes by where I don't get some kind of physical activity.

The Stats Don't Matter
Usually when I'm working out I count the reps, how long I have been going at it for, and if I'm running, how far I went and how fast. When I'm playing with Zoey, all that stuff doesn't matter. How good of a workout I get is measured by how big the smile on her smushy face is :).

A Tired Dog Is a Good Dog
On days when Zoey gets plenty of exercise, she's much more relaxed and well-behaved. After a good romp around the park, she usually passes out on the couch and stays out of trouble (like being a dirty sock thief :).

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