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Thursday, June 23, 2011


A few months ago I did the Clean Program cleanse with amazing results. My skin never looked better, I had tons of energy and a clear head, and my cravings for junk food disappeared. The video above explains what it's all about. I was a bit skeptical at first because I didn't think I could last all 21 days... but somehow I managed to do all three weeks and I loved it. 

Rather than sign up for the expensive online program, I just bought the book and made my own smoothies and meals. The best part about getting the book is that there are hundreds of healthy recipes to choose from. I still make a lot of the dishes to this day. 

I'm thinking of completing another cleanse in the next couple of weeks but I wanted to ask you all: do you have any cleanses or detoxes to recommend? What are your thoughts on cleanses? 

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